About Us

Astro.cl is a company specialized in astronomical tourism, whose products are focused on promoting and bringing astronomy closer to the people, through unique experiences at the hands of experts. Our agency makes excursions in northern Chile, a place that, due to its excellent climate and  quality of their skies, has the highest concentration of observatories in South America. In Astro.cl  you can, not only see the facilities of the prestigious scientific observatories that hosts  Chile, but also witness the great spectacle that offers the universe with your own eyes in the high-level tourist observatories, located in the region with the highest number of these in the world.

Riding along the mountain range under the light of the stars or enjoy a session of trekking through beautiful hills watching the universe with the naked eye are some of the experiences that you can live in Astro.cl.

Daniel Luna Avalos
Product Manager
Tour Operator
La Serena / Chile
Phone Number: +56 51 219469
mail: info@astro.cl

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