Cruz del Sur Observatory

Name: It takes the name from one of the most classical constellation of the southern sky: the Southern Cross or Crux. This is because the domes of the observatory are placed the same way as the stars in Crux constellation.

Location: Combarbalá at 1.140 meters above the sea level, 3 hours southeast from La Serena. The road is fully paved.

Description: The project of this observatory was promoted in the IV region of Chile by the Municipality of Combarbalá and the Planetarium of the University of Santiago. It was funded by the Regional Counsel of Coquimbo who, at the beginning of 2005, donated 246 million of pesos for the construction and implementation of this new astronomic center.

Equipment: Two telescopes Meade LX200-R Schmidt-Cassegrain type of 16″ and two Meade equipments, LX200-R Schmidt-Cassegrain de 14″ type, all of them with equatorial mount.

Visiting Hours: 17:00, 20:00, 22:00 hrs.

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