Gemini Observatory

Near the Cerro Tololo Observatory and at 2,700 meters above the sea level are the Gemini Center, another giant in astronomy that has Chile. It is an international cooperative project involving the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. Its objective is the operation of two telescopes of 8.1 meters, one on the Cerro Mauna Kea, Hawaii, USA, and the other on Cerro Pachon, in the IV Region of Chile. Both are designed to produce high quality images of the universe, of course, thanks to the excellent weather conditions there.

There are seven participant countries, including Chile for the first time as a member of a project of this nature. The main partner is the United States, whose participation is about 47.62%, and the rest are Britain, Canada, Australia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

Location: Elqui Valley, on the Cerro Pachon (mountain) 10 km southeast from Cerro Tololo Observatory.