Mayu Observatory

Name: Cerro Mayu Observatory. Mayu in the tongue of the Incas means “Milky Way”.

Location: Quebrada de Talca, 27 km East from the city of La Serena.

Description: This project started in 1969 with the creation of the Astronomy and Physics Academy of the observatory of the Seminario Conciliar School, one of the most traditional schools of La Serena. In 1977 is inaugurated the Tololito Observatory, named that way after the famous scientific Observatory Cerro Tololo.

After the 2000’s the need for better facilities for the observatory forced the Academy to take the observatory far away from the light pollution of the city, into the place where it is now, and to construct a special building to place the new telescopes they acquired. The Mayu observatory is surrounded by beautiful landscapes that belong to the famous Elqui Valley. Nearby the main building  Mayu placed some statues according the Sun movements. The observatory has a well equipped hall to give speeches about the universe. No doubt that it is a very good place for students and little ones to learn about the magnificence of the sky.

Equipment: Meade LX200 Schmidt-Cassegraind 14″ with GPS

Visiting Hours:

In Summer season, from January 2nd to March 15th: 19:30, 20:30, 22:30

In Winter season, from March 15th to November: 18:30, 21:30, 22:30, 23:30

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