Pangue Observatory


Name: The observatory takes the name from the property where it is placed, the farm El Pangue.

Location: It is located 18 km to the south of the city of Vicuña, and 80 km to the east of the city of La Serena at 1500 mt above the sea level. The offices are in the city of Vicuña.

Description: Astronomica del Sur is a company related to the astronomy field: courses, colsuntancies, education, etc. This was the company behind the construction of the Mamalluca observatory and Pangue observatory is one of their new projects.

The objective this time is to fulfill the need  for more quality, in terms of technology and human capital. Thus the Pangue observatory has the largest telescope for tourist use in Chile, and it is run only by professionals, experts  in Astronomy.

Equipment: T400: Computerized Schmidt Cassegrain reflector MEADE LX200ACF, aperture 16″ (40cm), focal ratio f/10. T630: Dobson type reflector OBSESSION, aperture 25″ (63cm), focal ratio f/5. T300: Dobson type reflector ORION SkyQuest, aperture 12″ (30cm), focal ratio f/4.9

Note: The tours to the observatory are available the whole year, except when there’s full moon or cloudy nights.

If you want to visit the Pangue Observatory please click here.

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