Tour Mamalluca Observatory

It’s a real show at 1.100 meters above the sea level the given by the most educational and tourist observatory of the fourth region. Northwest from Vicuña, in the middle of the valley, there’s the observatory of the Mamalluca hill (In Quechua language Wama or Wamakk means “strange thing” and lluchka means “blur”). The observatory started as visionary school project in 1995 that was carefully developed and finally inaugurated in 1998.

The tour starts with an introductory talk about astronomy in charge of a specialized guide. Then we enjoy a marvellous journey trough our skies, visiting stars and constellations with the help of telescopes placed in the terrace of the observatory. Besides with your bear eyes you can observe planets like Jupiter, Saturn and Mars or the constellations of Orion, Taurus, Sagittarius, Scorpion and the Southern Cross (Crux).

We will also enjoy watching the famous Magellan Clouds, two satellite galaxies very similar to our own galaxy that can be seen only from the south hemisphere.


Finally we go to the Mamalluca observatory main dome where a guide with a good knowledge about the southern sky will show you, with the help of an electronic telescope, objects in the deep universe like the Nebula 30 Doradus, the Open Cluster M47 or the open cluster the Jewel box located in the constellation of Crux.

After this amazing experience we return to La Serena.


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Note: The tour is subject to weather conditions.


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