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Pangue is an ambitious project that is still being developed. Today is already running, but in the future plans to become in the best of its kind, even more, they want to be worldwide recognize in the field of astronomic tourism. To accomplish this ambitious task they have implemented the best telescope for amateur astronomy in Chile and count with the best professionals in this matter.

Pangue observatory is located 10 miles to the south of Vicuña, in the middle of the mystic Elqui valley, at  1.500 mts (4.900 ft aprox.) elevation, just an hour and a half from La Serena. This is a unique place, the only human constructions visible from Pangue are the scientific observatories Cerro Tololo and Gemini. But the most outstanding thing is the quality of the sky, the result of the combination of light pollution absence and good weather. This is one the reason why astronomers and professional observatories are still interested in the Elqui Valley, even today. Now the valley is waiting for the construction of the LSST, a reflector telescope with a special camera that will take beautiful pictures of the universe.

The visit to this observatory begins with an introductory talk made by the observatory guides. One of the advantage of Pangue observatory in comparison with the rest of touristic observatories is the human team: the only tourist observatory directed by experts (astronomers, teachers and astrophotographers). The talks are very clear and instructive and they work with small groups in order to make everyone to understand and participate in a better way. No more than 12 people.

Now the technical equipment they have consist in one 12″ telescope, a 16″ telescope and a Dobsonian 25″ telescope, making the Pangue observatory, the one with the best telescopes in Chile.


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